Tibetan Editing on Windows Computers

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Unicode input methods and complex script display on Windows Vista or Windows 7

No software needs to be installed: Windows Vista / 7 already contain all three required components:

  • an input method (see Control Panel → Regional and Language settings for a Tibetan keyboard, the Chinese National Standard of Tibetan Keyboard Layout
  • support to display Tibetan script
  • a Unicode Tibetan font, Microsoft Himalaya.

An introduction on how to use the Windows built-in Tibetan Keyboard can be found at yalasoo.com.

Additional Tibetan Fonts and Wylie Input Methods

You might want to also install additional Tibetan Fonts (all existing Unicode fonts seem to work well) or an alternative Tibetan Input Method, for example TISE. TISE supports Wylie.

Or you can use another Wylie Tibetan keyboard: DenjongTibType on all Windows platforms, including 32- and 64-bit versions.

Typing and Editing

You can start directly using any Unicode-aware editor, such as Notepad, Notepad++, vim, OpenOffice, or the latest Microsoft Office, to create Tibetan documents in standard Unicode encoding.

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