How to prepare InDesign CS5, CS6 for Tibetan script

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InDesign CS5 for Mac OS-X supports a new composer called "World-Ready Composer". This composer correctly renders Tibetan Unicode fonts that work with Windows or Linux.

[1] Indesign CS5 includes a World-Ready composer that supports Tibetan.

How to enable the World-Ready Composer in InDesign CS5:

  • Either define a new paragraph style, or edit an existing style (e.g. [Basic Paragraph])
  • Then set "Paragraph Style Options / Justification / Composer" to "Adobe World-Ready Paragraph Composer". (See image [1]).

Any paragraph that has such a style asigned, correctly renders Tibetan Unicode.

The new composer supports all Windows/Linux Unicode Tibetan Fonts.


The World-ready composer was introduced with Adobe Indesign CS4, however it was not exported to the user interface in this version. Additional Scripts are needed to enable the World-Ready Composer. Note that the composer was not made visible in CS4, because testing hadn't been completed by Adobe at that time.

Versions of Adobe Indesign CS3 and older do not support the World-Ready Composer and require external plug-ins for Tibetan support.


The techniques discussed here should also work with Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

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  • Scripts for enabling Tibetan in Indesign CS4 by Thomas Phinney.