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Welcome to the Digital Tibetan Wiki,
an online resource for digital Tibetan dharma technology. [v.2.0]

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This wiki serves as a platform for information on using Tibetan Unicode software and related technology on different platforms in order to facilitate the preservation and spread of digital dharma.

Main Topics

Installation of support for Tibetan

Working with Tibetan text

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  • 13-Sep-2018: Amazon's latest firmware updates for Kindle, starting with version 5.9.6, have broken the support for Tibetan. So far there is no fix for the new firmware.
  • 17-Jun-2018: BabelStone Tibetan is an extended and updated version of Jomolhari, adding support for new characters of later Unicode standards, support for many additional clusters and shorthand contractions. BabelStone Tibetan uses the SIL Open Font License. More details at: Tibetan Fonts.
  • 29-Dec-2017: Free OCR service for Tibetan Books at, a service that is continuously improved. See Tibetan OCR for more information on Tibetan OCR.
  • 05-Oct-2017: The Harfbuzz bug, affecting rendering of ཧཱུཾ་ is fixed with all major applications with release of LibreOffice 5.4.2. With release of Android 8.1 (Dec 2017), the bug is also fixed on Android.
  • 14-Jul-2017: Harfbuzz, the engine responsible for the display of Tibetan script on many platforms, has been updated to version 1.4.7. The problem with long vowel U has been fixed. See: Harfbuzz had problems with Tibetan long vowel U
  • 26-Jun-2017: publishes a freely accessible library of Tibetan ebooks.
  • 29-Apr-2017: Google Tesseract 4 alpha supports Tibetan OCR (character recognition) using neural networks.
  • 23-Feb-2017: Recent development builds of the free and open desktop publishing software Scribus fully support Tibetan script.
  • 21-Feb-2017: Android 7.1.1 offers full Tibetan support.
  • Jan-2017: Android Wear 2.0 supports Tibetan script: both wearable platforms, Apple's watchOS and Android Wear now support Tibetan script on your wrist.


Tibetan on mobile devices Tibetan Software (general)
Android Tibetan keyboard
  • 21-Feb-2017: With Android 7.1.1, Tibetan support for Android is now complete. Tibetan is offered as a language for Android's UI, and with this release, also a Tibetan keyboard is included, which is installed automatically, once Tibetan is added as a language for Android in settings. See Tibetan support in Android.
A Tibetan-English dictionary for Android
  • 06-Sep-2016: The Tibetan-English Dictionary for Android by Christian Steinert contains a very large selection of Tibetan-English and Tibetan-Tibetan dictionaries and glossaries. It supports both older devices using Wylie-transliterated Tibetan and newer devices with Unicode Tibetan. The app is available for free in Google's playstore. See also Tibetan Dictionaries for Android Devices.
Tibetan on Kindle
Tibetan support in Android 6
free Tibetan Dict on AppStore
  • 22-Jan-2013:The free Tibetan Dictionary now has support for both iPhone and iPad: It's currently the best research tool for those using an iPhone or iPad to study Tibetan. Good work! Download Tibetan Dictionary from AppStore (free). Version 1.7 from Jan 2013 adds new dictionary material.
  • 06-Apr-2011:The Apple AppStore contains now a free Tibetan Dictionary.
Tibetan on iPhone iOS 4.2
  • 22-Nov-2010: The latest update for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, iOS 4.2, fully supports display of Unicode Tibetan and a Tibetan input method for virtually all apps.
  • Tibetan keyboard for iOS 4.2 devices: iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
Goldendict 1.5 RC2
  • 02-June-2018: The second release candidate for GoldenDict 1.5 has been updated again for Linux, Mac and Windows, see: GoldenDict Online Wikipedias.
Tibetan wikipedias via Goldendict
Tibetan Dictionaries
Tibetan spellchecking for OpenOffice

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