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Elie Roux has published the source code for a Tibetan language spell-checker on github. The project allows building of a Tibetan spell-check file based on Hunspell. The results can be used with Firefox, OpenOffice, LibreOffice and Adobe Indesign.


The syllables present in the dictionary files are those present in the Bod rgya tshig mdzod chen mo dictionary, except syllables not conform to standard tibetan grammar rules, so Sanskrit transliterations are not included.

Tibetan Grammar rules have been taken mainly from:

For a complete description, see the readme on github: https://github.com/eroux/tibetan-spellchecker/blob/master/README

Pre-built versions

Tibetan spellchecking active in OpenOffice

OpenOffice and LibreOffice

For those who don't want to build the extension themselves, here's a prebuilt version:

Download File:Tibetan-spellchecker.oxt.zip (Build-date: 20-Apr-2014)

Then, unpack the ZIP file and start OpenOffice:

In Libre- or OpenOffice use Tools / Extension Manager ... / Add... to install the extension Tibetan-spellchecker.oxt.

Restart OpenOffice to activate the extension.

Type some Tibetan, and make sure that the language is set to Tibetan (PR China).

You can set the language using the menu Tools / Language / For all text.

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