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Tibetan-English Dictionary for Android by Christian Steinert
iPhone OS-X 4.2.1 dictionary with full Tibetan input and display support


The best dictionary tool for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android:

Mobile dictionaries

Tibetan Technical dictionaries

Commercial dictionaries

  • The Illuminator, by Tony Duff and PKTC, and other well-researched dictionaries are available here.

Among the dictionaries available at PKTC are:

  • The Illuminator Tibetan-English Dictionary
  • Sarat Chandra Das‘s Tibetan-English Dictionary
  • Geshe Chodrak‘s Tibetan-Tibetan Dictionary
  • The Mahavyutpatti, Sanskrit-Tibetan-English Glossary
  • A Dictionary of Learned and or Accomplished People of Tibet
  • Chronological Dictionary of Tibetan Luminaries
  • House of Cloves, A Nice Explanation that Shows the Differences Between Old and New Terminology of the Tibetan Language

External dictionaries

Online dictionaries

Enter Tibetan in Wylie; searches multiple dictionaries and gives result in Tibetan font with much detail. Common words and some dharma words. Shows Tibetan in Wylie, and in u-chen as an image.

Link pages for dictionaries

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Thank you to the people at the Rangjung Yeshe Institute and the editors of dharmadictionary.net for the creation of the dictionary. A special thank-you to Erik Pema Kunsang for making this all possible.